Sunday, January 22, 2012

Time to start a new blog.

I haven't done this for a while or maybe ever, but thought maybe now was the time.  I wanted somewhere to document my various projects for posterity.  I figure I have a backlog of old items to post, and I can surely add some new ones along the way.

So....why Magnificent Lardon?   Very few people know what lardons are, and yet, if they were only better known, nearly everyone would love them.  A lardon is like the big brother to bacon.  Bacon is almost universally served in strips.  If you instead cut it into cubes you would have lardons.  Whereas bacon is thin and wide, a lardon is thick and narrow in those same respective dimensions.  It can be completely cubed, or long in length.  Whereas bacon goes well with just about everything, a lardon is designed to go into just about everything.

A couple years ago I made some bacon, and in doing so, I learned about lardons.  When I say that I made bacon, I made bacon.  I bought some pork belly, cured it, smoked it and voila, BACON!.  Making bacon is really easy, and it's much better than store bought bacon.  That's a whole different story, but suffice it to say, through this adventure I learned of the lardon and how magnificent a culinary item it truly is.

I started using lardons in recipes.  I called my fantasy football team The Magnificent Lardons.  Eventually I decided I should make my brand name Magnificent Lardon.  Why do I have a brand name?  I don't know yet, but I may need one in the future.  It just seemed like a good thing to have.

Magnificent Lardon.  It sounds sort of superheroish.  Which, perhaps, it is.  It invokes a superhero with a very large belly, which I am actually trying to avoid, so that's not really why I chose it.  It also reminds me of larder, which although it may have no relation in the entymology of lardon (or it may, I have no idea) seems also appropriate.  A larder was a place to store food.  I plan to use this blog to store the details of the various projects and experiments I've pursued, many of which are food based.  So....fitting.  But really, I just like the way it sounds.  It's vaguely mysterious, since until now you may not even have known what lardons were. But now that you do, you will forever be seeking them out.  Just like my blog....

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