Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pi 2: Tau rising.


I mentioned the 4 pie tarts I made in honor of pie day?  Well, we only actually ate two of those that night.  That left two for the following night.  I wasn't quite happy with the custard and orange foam combo.  It wasn't bad, but needed something else.  So, with the remaining 2 pies I topped the custard with pickled blueberries and then orange foam.  This was a great choice.  The pickled blueberries were a great intermediary and really enhanced both the custard and the orange foam.  This may just be the new apple pie.

Sous Vide Cinnamon Vanilla Custard, Pickled Blueberries, Spiced Cora Cora Orange Foam and Shortbread Crust Pie Tart
Also, for those of you not aware of the controversy that's brewing in math circles, you can catch up here:  Tau Manifesto

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