Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Final Pi Day Ever? Fear the Tau

Today is Pi day.  Or Pie day.  You may have let this pass by with nary a thought.  But evil lurks out there and it's name is Tau.  Tau day is purportedly June 28th.  And it sucks.  Well, maybe that's a little harsh.  But would you rather have Pi(e) day, or Tau day?  I thought so.  There's a movement among math types to rid the world of pie.  Yeah yeah, we'll still have cake, but sometimes pi is better.  I like math, but I'm not on board with this nonsense.  Math, this is why people fear you.  Pi is good and you want to get rid of it.  Tau is no fun at all and yet this is what you choose to market to the world.

Anyway, since this might be the last pi day ever, I decided to make pie to celebrate.  Unfortunately, I didn't really consider what kind of pie, or a trip to the grocer, so I had to scrounge for whatever I could find.  Luckily I had purchased a dozen and a half eggs at the market on Saturday.  I had enough left for a custard filling for half a pie.  I suppose that if this was Tau day and I was making tau but only had enough for half a tau, this would work out well. Then I could have pie.  But this was pi day.  And what's half a pie?  Well, in this case, it's 4 tarts.  Only I don't have tart pans, so it's four tartish desserts made in ramekins.

So, I made half a crust.  2 egg yolks cooked through, some ground almond, all purpose flour, powdered sugar, salt, butter baking soda.  Seemed pretty tasty.  Like a shortbread cookie.  It didn't fit the ramekins very well, but with some serious patch work, I got it covered.  They weren't pretty, but serviceable.

Then I made a sous vide vanilla cinnamon custard filling.  And to top the pie, I found some Cora Cora oranges that I bought last week without any real purpose.  They appeared to be the only fresh fruit option, so  I juiced them, added some honey, a little star anise and clove, then added some gelatin, poured into the whip, hit with two canisters of N2O and had a fancy orange foam.  Orange flavor, white color.  Not bad for improvised ingredients.     

Pi Day Pie - Custard Tart
Pie Day Pi - Cinnamon Vanilla Custard Tartlet with Spiced Cora Cora Orange Foam

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